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How do sign up for the monthly newsletter?
The newsletter is full of great ideas and information about the Scarlet Lime's kit. To Subscribe is free: Simply enter your e-mail address below to join :)

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How do I become a member and what does that mean?

Scarlet Lime is a monthly kit club. Each month we debut two brand new kits, one is our main kit which is our subscription kit and a project kit that includes instructions on how to complete an actual project with that kit. Our kits debut on the 1st of each month on our kits page of our website. We also offer one time purchases of our kits, when available, which only come available on the 1st of each month.  As a subscriber however,  you are automatically billed and sent our main kit for each month, which means you are guaranteed our main kit each month. As a subscriber you also get to preview our project kit each month and purchase it before it goes live on our website to the general public. We send out that preview link on the 28th of each month (again this goes only to subscribers). At that time you are able to preview it in full, and purchase it if you would like and it will ship with your main kit for that month. This link goes out at 8:00 PM MST on the 28th.     As a member your main kit is  your subscription kit, and is the kit are you agreeing to purchase each month of your subscription

How long is a sub for?:  Our subs are re-occurring, which means you receive the kit each month until you wish to cancel your subscription, however there is in initial 6 month commitment to your subscription. After 6 months, you may cancel at anytime without penalty, as long as it follows the guidelines listed below for cancellation notice. (please scroll down to see our cancellation policy).  If you cancel before the 6 months has been filled there is a $15.00 penalty fee for canceling early. One incentive of being a subscriber is that you automatically get the kit each month, (which a lot of times is sold out), and you receive it at a discounted price of $31.50. Our normal price if you were to purchase it individually each month is $36.50.

We DO not allow skips. So once you sign up for a subscription, you must receive the main kit each month. There will be a fee incurred if you do not pay for your kit each month.

beside our subscriptions, IF available, we also offer one time purchases of our kits that go live each month on the 1st of the month.

Scarlet Lime Main kit subscriptions- $31.50 per month plus shipping

Scarlet Lime one time purchases (only available on the 1st of each month)- $36.50

Second: If our main kits are sold out for the month you, you can then send us an e-mail to be on the waitlist for the following month. We do ship internationally to check out rates.. please scroll DOWN below.. for shipping rates.. rates depend on the number of kits you order and how you have them shipped.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ADDRESS CHANGES!!: Because we will be auto billing each month, please send any address changes to us via e-mail at  before the 5th of the month you want it changed. Changing your address in PayPal does not work because PayPal does not send me updated each month on address changes and since we don't use them to ship our products, we don't receive those updates.

Group subs: We also offer group subscription, to help save on shipping for those who are international customers or those who live in the US and have friends or family that want to join and live close by. All kits are shipped in the same box, and are billed to one person each month.  We can fit up to 5 kits in a box each month, so five people can be apart of a group. E-mail me at if you are interested in setting one of those up!

How does my subscription and when will my credit card be billed each month.
We use pay pal to pay for all of our subscriptions, and you must have a open Paypal account in order to use our subscription autobill program through Paypal.   If you are interested in starting a new sub with Scarlet Lime, simply send us an e-mail to, and we will put you on the current waitlist for the next available sub opening and send you the information you need to sign up!  We only do signups the 25th-1st of each month, so once we have received your request, you will also receive info about the signup that will be sent out on the 25th of that month. 


What types of payment does Scarlet Lime accept?   We use Paypal to accept payments. With PayPal you can use any major credit card, or use your current PayPal account.  

When will my subscription begin?
If the current month's kit is still available, your subscription will begin that month.  If the kit for that month  is sold out then your subscription will begin the following month or the month indicated on our webpage.

When will kits be shipped?
Kits ship out 10th-13th  of each month (we usually start on the 9th and it takes us 3-4 days to ship all of the kits) unless otherwise notified, as long as your subscription is paid on time (by the 1st).   If it's a one-time purchase kit made before the 5th of the month, it will also go out on the 10th with the subscription kits. If purchase is made after the 5th , your order will ship within 7 days of your purchase.

When do kits go on sale?
Kits go on sale to the public on the 1st of each month at 8 am MST. If you are a subscriber, you will get a preview link of our project kit on the 28th of each month and be able to purchase that kit early.  That preview link goes out each month to subscribers on the 28th at 8:00 PM  MST.  If you do not wish to start a subscription, check back on the 1st of each month, to see if we have one time purchases available.

What if my kit arrives damaged?
We work hard to make sure this doesn't happen however, in the event that something was damaged, please let us know immediately by e-mailing us at and we will do our best to resolve the issues for you!

Is it possible to skip a kit during my subscription?
Unfortunately, kits on a subscription plan may not be skipped. If there are extenuating circumstances email us at  and we will discuss the matter with you.

NEW Cancellation Policy: Our new cancellation policy on all new subscriptions is as follows:  since this is a reoccurring sub,( which means it does not end until you notify us)..  if at any time you wish to STOP your subscription to Scarlet lime, simply send us an e-mail by the 1st of the month previous that you wish to cancel. For example, if you wish to cancel your sub in July, you would need to notify us on or before the 1st of June of your cancellation.  If it's past the 1st, you will need to take the next months' kit  as it has already been ordered for you. There is also  cancellation fee if $15.00, only if you do not cancel before the 1st of the month previous  and/OR before you have full-filled 6 months of a subscription to Scarlet Lime.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We are happy to say we do. We ship both first class and Priority through the USPS. Rates are below.  (The USPS limits what we can send first class and it all depends on weight. We can usually send 1 main kit and two add-on kits first class, but it is different each month, sometimes we can only ship up to 2 kits first class, it all depends on how heavy the kits are each month, but when we can, we will send your multiple kits first class if chosen).

  • Canada and Mexico:
    • first class rate(4-6 weeks) 1 kit- $11.00, 2 Kits- $13.50, 3 kits ( check to see, not always available for first class depending on weight).
    •  Priority rate (6-10 days) 1 kit- $18.00, 2 kits- $20.50, 3 kits and up (flat rate) $27.50
  • Other International rates:
    • First class: 4-6 weeks. 1 kit- $18.50, 2 kits- $20.50, 3 kits and up (not available for first class)
    • Priority:  (6-10 days).  1 kit: $28.00, 2 kits- $30.50, 3 kits and up- $39.50
    * 3 kits and above ship in a flat rate shipping box and these boxes can hold up to about 5 kits. I can also combine shipping for groups if you live internationally and want to ship everyone's kits in one flat rate box (up to 5 kits). . E-mail me for info on how.

How do you ship?

These rates apply to US customers only:
We ship via USPS (United States Postal Service) for both International and US shipping. Shipping is a flat rate of $7.50 for your first kit.   Rates are for  US shipping inside US 48 states. 

 additional kit are $2.85 for the first additional kit and free for 2 more more added onto your current MAIN kit order. NOTE:  we can only fit up to 5 (sometimes 6) kits in one box due to the size restrictions of the flat rate boxes provided to use from the USPS).


Still have questions? E-mail us at we would love to hear from you!



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