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How do I become a member and what does that mean?

Scarlet Lime is not only a place to buy great products, but we are also a monthly kit club. Each month we debut four brand new kits and all four are offered as subscriptions only.  We also offer one time purchases of other kits and planners, when available,    As a subscriber however,  you are automatically billed and sent our kits each month (depending on which kit you are subscribed too), which means you are guaranteed our main kit each month AND . You also get a discount on the kit prices for being a subscriber. 

How long is a sub for?:  Our subs are re-occurring, which means you receive the kit each month until you wish to cancel your subscription, however there is in initial 3 month commitment to your subscription. After 3 months, you may cancel at anytime without penalty, as long as it follows the guidelines listed below for cancellation notice. (please scroll down to see our cancellation policy). 

We DO not allow skips. So once you sign up for a subscription, you must receive the kit each month. There will be a fee incurred if you do not pay for your kit each month.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ADDRESS CHANGES!!: Because we will be auto billing each month, please send any address changes to us via e-mail at  before the 14th of the month you want it changed. Changing your address in PayPal does not work because PayPal does not send us updates each month on address changes since we don't use their services to ship our kits.


How does my subscription work and when will my credit card be billed each month.
We use Paypal for all of our subscriptions and one time purchase transactions. You must have a open Paypal account in order to use our subscription auto bill program through Paypal.   If you are interested in starting a new sub with Scarlet Lime, simply send us an e-mail to and we will put you on the current waitlist for the next available sub opening and send you the information you need to sign up!  We only do signups the2nd- 14th, th of each month, so once we have received your request we will send you a reminder to sign up on the first!


What types of payment does Scarlet Lime accept?   We use Paypal to accept payments. With PayPal you can use any major credit card, or use your current PayPal account.  

When will my subscription begin?
If the current month's kit is still available, your subscription will begin that month.  If the kit for that month  is sold out then your subscription will begin the following month or the month indicated on our webpage.

When will kits be shipped?
Kits ship out the 17th-21st  of each month, unless otherwise notified, as long as your subscription is paid on time (by the 13th).However we don't ship on weekends, so if any of those days fall on a weekend, it will continue on the next business day.    

When do kits go on sale?
Kits go on sale to the public on the 2nd of each month at noon MST.

What if my kit arrives damaged?
We work hard to make sure this doesn't happen however, in the event that something was damaged, please let us know immediately by e-mailing us at and we will do our best to resolve the issues for you!

Is it possible to skip a kit during my subscription?
Unfortunately, kits on a subscription plan may not be skipped.  If there are extenuating circumstances email us at  and we will discuss the matter with you.

 Cancellation Policy: Our new cancellation policy on all new subscriptions is as follows:  since this is a reoccurring sub,( which means it does not end until you notify us)..  if at any time you wish to STOP your subscription to Scarlet lime, simply send us an e-mail by the 1st of the month previous that you wish to cancel. For example, if you wish to cancel your sub in July, you would need to notify us on or before the 1st of June of your cancellation.  If it's past the 1st, you will need to take the next months' kit  as it has already been ordered for you. There is also  cancellation fee if $20.00 only if you do not cancel before the 1st of the month previous  and/OR before you have full-filled 3 months of a subscription to Scarlet Lime.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We are happy to say we do. Rates are listed on each subscription page. 

WE are no responsible for lost or stolen kits or delayed kit through customs. We provide a USPS tracking number once kits have shipped, but are not liable after they have shipped. PLEASE call your local post office for more info. For info on our rates.. check out the kits page. 

Privacy Policy:

We collect contact information from you including your name, address and email (and phone number when required by paypal for shipping), when you make a purchase (including free products) on our website at

We collect your name and email when you sign up for our newsletters or when you sign up for when you sign up to be notified of upcoming releases or openings for our subscriptions.

How do we use your data? We use it to process your transaction and ship the products you have purchased as well as send emails to you that items have shipped.

We also send emails out when we have promotions for new products, free offers, tips, upcoming product releases, changing in our subscriptions, new online courses, or fun new products we think you would like to try.

We also send out emails when you purchase a class with us that has the link to access that class, has updates on that class or new classes that may be in the workshop.

We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties your data unless you have given us specific consent.

If you wish not to receive emails when your kits are notified please email us at so we can take you off that list. If you wish to not have newsletters sent to you when new products or promotions come out, you may unsubscribe from them by scrolling down in the email and clicking on unsubscribe. However keep in mind that if we offer exclusive sells to subscribers only, that means you will no longer receive those as well.

We value our customers and taken their privacy to heart. Let us know if we can help you in anyway.


If you have any questions please email us at